Air Conditioning

South Florida’s hot weather can last year round. Without a proper functioning A/C system, you compromise not only your comfort but also your safety. The many intricate components of your vehicles HVAC system must be properly maintained in order to insure your driving comfort year-round.



Automotive electrical systems are complex especially in modern vehicles. Your battery, starter and alternator remain among the most common repair issues. We have all the necessary tools to asses and repair any electrical issues that may arise with advancing technology.




If your vehicle has a manual transmission, it’s important to keep with the maintenance of the clutch. The clutch connects your engine to the drivetrain and it’s a crucial component that requires delicate skill and attention to detail. Wether it needs to be repaired or completely replaced, we’re prepared to handle any situation so you’ll be back on the road in no time.


Your engine is the heart and soul of your vehicle so you want to make sure it gets the utmost care. Regular maintenance and proper care will ensure your vehicle lasts you a long time. We offer complete engine repair and maintenance to make sure everything under your hood is in tip-top shape.


Nothing is more important to your driving safety than proper brake maintenance. When constantly braking, the components of your brake system wear each time each time you apply pressure to the pedal. If you feel unsure about your brakes, we can inspect them to prevent any danger to yourself and other drivers.



Front Ends

Nothing can be more frustrating than a vehicle that feels out of control or unstable. With worn front end components, any bump or pothole in the road can cause you to sway and swerve uncontrollably. Luckily, we have everything it takes to repair and align your vehicle properly.